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I bought this product in March. It is the worst product I have ever seen. I have the background in building maintenance plumbing electricity and mechanical installation's. For the past six months I have spent countless hours trying to make this machine work. It is not work the $300 I had to pay for it. The customer service of cat Genie sucks. I have suggested to Petco to stop selling this product. I suggest to anybody who is inquiring about it do not waste your money it does not save you money it does not save you time and cost too much in product in this post I have a reusable litter which I already had to replace the box it came with the system. Now I am disabled with a failed back surgery so I'm not allowed to bend over or be on my knees, or pick up over 10 pounds in weight.

I thought this product would help my situation I have cats the trouble is I have Maine Coon which are too large for this product is for all cats AND it better be very small cat's.

When it does run it stinks the whole house up the last thing it does is use a higher dryer on the litter when there is still fecal matter in the litter.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Snyder, Texas, United States #947113

Same issue here. Not able to take ot apart.

Customer service is useless I to.dthem the pump was going out, they would not believe me I had to take it apart "while you are on the phone with me" funny the pump finally went out while I was talking to them. Nowihave been without one since Thursday and this is Tuesday very expensive to be used as just a plain litter box where you have to scoop out the stuff.

Friendswood, Texas, United States #613376
I agree with all of the other replies to this post. The Cat Genie was a no-brainer to install and is a no-brainer to maintain.

We've had ours for several years and it has been wonderful to have a truly automated, no-touch litter box solution. Sorry you could not get it working properly. They have a great money back guarantee so I'm not sure why you did not return it if you were having such problems.

Personally, I recommend it to every cat owner I meet. :)
Los Angeles, California, United States #604645

Dude! chill-out...

I have similar background, their instruction booklet could be simplified in some parts.

The customer service is great, my calls were due to initial learning process, but haven't called them in four years. They do need to activate the activation process sooner after a cat leaves


You have a big cat and are at least partialy disabled so you blame the Catgenie.

I've been a user for three years and will NEVER use the old boxes again.

Ok, it wasn't for you, return the unit if you can and go back to regular boxes. The Catgenie isn't the cause of your problems.


it took longer to unpack than to hook up. Installation was quick and simple.

I will never clean a box again. I love this product!


Well I don't have a background in building maintenance and it took all of 5 minutes to hook up. We have 3 cats one of which is quite large and I think this is the greatest product we've ever bought.

It has saved us countless hours of cleaning litter and while yes if there is a piece of poo left in the litter it will smell while it is drying but the smell goes away shortly after the unit stops and then smells no longer.

Unlike a dirty urine filled litter box which will stink the whole house up until you wash it out which is a pain. I highly recommend this product.

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